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A fallen angel. A human fated to bear with a condemnation. Demons surveil them, as the fog deepens. Will Sarah Davis survive the price of loving a fallen creature of heaven?

Sarah Davis is a lonely, random human caught in the web of supernatural. As a university student with a fascination for hiking, Sarah feels drawn to the forest neighboring the city she lives in. In there, she finds the love of her life: a beautiful, fascinating young man that steals her heart at first sight.
However, beneath such intense attraction, lingers something evil. Seth’s behavior frightens Sarah but her curiosity goes beyond the dedication for the man she loves, clearly surpassing safety.As time goes by, Seth discloses his true self - and the terrible secret that lies beneath his healthy figure. He is a fallen angel and needs her blood regularly to keep on living - fair and powerful as a true creature of heaven.
As days go by, Sarah suffers, tortured physically and emotionally… but revolt somehow grows on her. As she comes to accept the fatality of her future, an archangel comes to her rescue - claiming she is more important than she thinks. Sarah’s role in the world has more to it.
In the brink of Seth’s insanity and lust for Sarah’s blood, he is eliminated by Michael, the archangel, who decides to erase Sarah’s memory and give her another chance of a human, pacific life.
However, Sarah is far from done with supernatural. She travels to Germany, where she hopes to start a new life. In the pacific city of Freiburg, Sarah meets with Henrike Günther, a rather distinct man that keeps eyeing Sarah with a stare that discomforts her. All together with the new friends she made, she actually finds out she’s swimming in a sea of sharks, where the marks of her precedent torture are actually visible, as well as her past.
However, Günther is not what he seems to be and to complicate things, feelings start to blossom between them, a forbidden connection that angers Michael, the archangel… and inevitably draws them into a spiraling of envy, rage and demonic pacts whose goal is solely… have Sarah’s soul in return.
A terrible fight of wills will be drawn between fallen angels, demons, archangels, in order to keep the balance that couldn’t be more disturbed. Who will win this terrible battle of wills?
But, more important of all, where does Sarah stand in the middle of such conflict?

[CoverArtwork & Photography by R.D.]

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