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PublisherDragonblade Publishing
Release date 01.02.2013
Pages count226
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Book overview

1234 A.D. - For as long as she can remember, the Lady Adalind de Aston has loved Sir Maddoc du Bois. Being sent away to foster did nothing to cure her of her unending love for Maddoc, a sentiment he did not return. Years later, Adalind returns from fostering as a cultured and beautiful woman. So beautiful, in fact, that tales of her beauty are legendary and a string of hopeful suitors follow her home. Maddoc, now faced with this exquisite and refined creature, is tasked, as the captain of the army, with chasing the suitors away.

One suitor after another is turned away by Maddoc’s blade. Some go easily; some do not. Meanwhile, Maddoc has come to know Adalind on an adult level and is coming to think he has been very stupid about rejecting this sweet and beautiful woman. In fact, the more suitors that come around, the more Maddoc finds himself succumbing to Adalind’s charms and soon joins the parade of suitors. Adalind is thrilled when the man comes to his senses and offers for her hand. Finally, what she has always dreamed of will soon be hers.

But a new suitor pledges for Adalind’s hand, a cunning and powerful knight who will not be deterred by Maddoc. Maddoc and the knight face off in several fights, each one more brutal than the next, until the knight finally challenges Maddoc to the ultimate battle to the death for Adalind’s hand. A brutal battle ensues and Adalind, in her attempt to help Maddoc, ends up nearly costing the man his life. As Maddoc lays wounded, presumably dying, the challenger knight abducts Adalind and flees.

Adalind’s grandfather is the great David de Lohr, Earl of Canterbury. With Maddoc lingering near death, David gathers some of his oldest and dearest friends to help rescue his granddaughter. Christopher de Lohr (Spectre of the Sword, Archangel, The Defender), Gart Forbes (Archangel), and Maddoc’s father, Rhys du Bois (Spectre of the Sword), gather for one final battle to avenge Maddoc and save Adalind. As they prepare for the final showdown, Maddoc pulls himself from his deathbed to ride one last time to save Adalind. He seeks to free his love or die trying.

Join Maddoc, David, Christopher, Gart, and Rhys as they gather to wage war against the knight who wounded Maddoc and abducted Adalind. Unending Love in a tale of dreams, hope, dedication to duty but, most of all, a tribute to the bonds of love that cannot be broken. It’s a wild ride of adventure and non-stop action that will leave you breathless.

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