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Walker, R. (2006). Epidemics & Plagues. Boston, MA: Kingfisher.


School Library Journal Review

This book is packed full of information on plagues, diseases, and epidemics.It is easy to read and contains many pictures.It breaks down into three major chapters.Each chapter has sections dedicated to something particular.For example, chapter 1 is about death and diseases, so there are sections about powerful pathogens or germs, how people can get infected, and also how are body can fight germs and bacteria. Chapter 2 is about plagues and pestilences or diseases.It covers major plagues like the Black Death plague and diseases like syphilis, smallpox, and leprosy.It gives facts about each plague or disease and how devastating they were to specific populations.Chapter 3 gives details about diseases today.It gives information on vaccines, how public health differs around the world and how that affects each area, and it also sheds light on how diseases will affect the future.
What I really enjoyed about this book was that it was easy to retain the information.Every page had several different pictures (some real pictures, some computer generated, and some real paintings), with a caption giving more facts and information about that topic.I also really liked that after each chapter there was a summary section that gave links to websites with more information, different types of careers that are related to that chapter, and places to travel for more information.
I would use this book in my classroom.I would take advantage of the websites that it gives and do a scavenger hunt between the book and the websites.It could also be used for some Social Studies lessons like Medieval times or studies of different countries like India and relating disease to how it affects their culture.

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