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Book overview

If you want to know the specifics of the breakthrough 5:2 Diet, then The 5:2 Diet Cheat Sheet will walk you through the diet without boring you with all the fluff.

You'll discover:
The Truth about how much weight you'll actually lose on the 5:2 Diet2 cheap foods to use on your (IF) days (one food is a cheap convenience food and the other you can make in a few minutes, but both make your "fasting" days a breeze)Why Intermittent Fasting (IF) doesn't require you to go without food (you can eat food 3 times a day, every single day, if you want... even on fasting days)A big mistake "me-too" 5:2 Diet books make when outlining foods to eatHow to incorporate cookies (YES, COOKIES) into the 5:2 DietHow to use the 5:2 Diet to reduce your odds of getting diseases and illnessesWhat you can do to transition this "diet" into a lifelong healthy eating programWhich foods are pure DISASTERS on your 2 fasting days (other 5:2 books get this wrong!) And much, much more... Jennifer Jolan is a bestselling author (hundreds of thousands of diet and health books sold) who has been writing about and researching Intermittent Fasting (IF) since 2009. With the 5:2 Diet being a "concept" diet and not a specific diet, it's best to seek out a trusted and experienced diet author who knows the In's and Out's of Intermittent Fasting.

Most of the 5:2 Diet books on the market were written by authors in early 2013 who have no experience or qualifications to write on the subject. They just re-hash (badly) what they saw on a documentary.

Jennifer Jolan not only takes you step-by-step through the 5:2 Diet basics, she also adds her unique twists and tweaks to enhance your diet results within the framework of the 5:2 Diet protocols. She also included 12 bonus reports you'll never see anywhere else.


1.5-Minute No-Bake Diet Weight Loss Cookies
2.15-Second Diet Tricks: Turn Bad Meals Into "Weight Loss" Meals Instantly!

10 Additional FREE Bonus Reports at a Special Link on the Last Page of the Kindle File:

1. How to Lose Weight Spinning in a Circle like Kids
2. The 20-Second Bathroom Trick for a Super-Charged Metabolism and a Flood of Energy
3. One Tablespoon of this $6 Supplement Detoxes 900 Yards of Toxins from Your Body
4. Do-It-Yourself Face-Lift: How to Look 5 Years Younger in 2 Weeks-Got 5 Minutes a Day?
5. The 50-Cent Miracle Weight Loss Food You're Not Eating
6. #1 Cheap Supplement that Reverses Gray Hair & Infuses Health into Your Body
7. How to Get Rid of Allergies in 90 Seconds with Water
8. The Ultimate 3-Second Fountain of Youth "Neural" Fat Loss Exercise
9. The 15-Second "T-Tap" for Overcoming Hypothyroidism & Sluggish Energy
10. How to Make Healthy Ice Cream in 2 Minutes and Other Sweet Surprises!

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