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Join Caesar as he ventures into the underworld looking for demon ass, and power in the sequel to the historical epic, Tossing Caesar's Salad! Between the demon boatman c'Hard-on and three-headed dog Sexberus, there can only be more sizzling action as he seeks out Gaydes, lord of the underworld, for passage home!

Check out the prequel, Tossing Caesar's Salad!

[Contains graphic demon sex, shape shifting, anal, oral, hot fantasy action and sexdventure!]

A DDDD/m story. D = Demon!


The three headed dog creature stared back at me.
“What do you want, soul? You’re dead already, the door to the Hall of Judgement’s behind you. So what in the underworld are you waiting for?” Dog sneered.
I took a deep breath and repeated my question.
“You’re Sexberus, right?”
“Yes, we are,” they chorused in unison.
“I’m Dog.”
“And I’m Doggy-style yo!” the head on the right said as stylishly as possible. I noticed a strange piece of eyewear it wore.
“By Jupiter, what sort of accessory is that?” I enquired, pointing at it.
“Oh this? It’s called ‘sunglasses’, makes me look cool, doesn’t it?”
I stared in awe at how cool Doggy-style was with his ‘sunglasses’. How strange, yet delightfully modern, if I brought something like that back to Rome, I was sure it would be all the rage in the fashion circles.
“I’m not looking for the Hall of Judgement, I need to get to the big boss Gaydes’s palace. I seek an audience with him.”
Sexberus looked at me with amazement, all three pairs of eyes looked like they were almost going to pop out.
Dog managed to compose himself first.
“Listen mortal, one does not simply waltz into Mord-, oh wait, sh*t, wrong place, I meant the palace of Gaydes, much less a mere soul like you.”
“Oh yeah? Try me.”
Sexberus suddenly assumed a hostile position, all three heads growled fiercely at me. For the second time in my life, I felt a tinge of fear.
Wait, I thought to myself, I was already dead, not matter how much they attacked me, a demon could probably die while I could not. It was the equivalent of being given infinite lives.
I stood my ground, dick ready in hand.
“How about we have a f**king competition?” I proposed.

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